One to grow on


The UMC’s a classic Hip Hop group that never got half the respect they deserved. In Hip Hop there has always been a lingering sentiment that one has to have street cred to be a rapper. It’s sad that so many have to find success by fortifying stereotypes. This group shows with brilliant rhymes and beats. All that should matter is the quality of the material. The UMC’s are Haas G and Kool Kim. The Staten Island natives put out quality music. Check out this videos and you will definitely agree.



Underachievers is my opinion are one of the dopest groups in Hip Hop. They are very consistent. Supplying you with quality videos, lyrics and beats. I’m all about the “Third Eye vision” and the “Indigo.” I don’t usually blindly follow a group. In this case that have earned my support. After this video I think they will earn yours also.


The Foundation

I’m feeling a need for lyrical appreciation at the moment. I heard this song about 4-5 years ago. I was feeling it from the minute that I heard it. I’m loving the beat, dope ass video and lyrical skills that are on display. The Foundation

Pursuit of LSD


I have to admit that I was definitely wrong about this artist Asap Rocky. This kid fucken murders his latest album so hard it’s borderline overkill. I can admit that I got it twisted and I now stand corrected. I can now be counted as fan. I’m shouting at the top of my lungs to anyone who can hear me. Buy AT LONG LAST ASAP! You will not be disappointed.

Asap Rocky’s blazing song LSD. Which stands for love, sex and dreams. Borrows some of it’s creativity from the Kid Cudi song Pursuit of Happiness. Regardless the songs is so expertly put together that it shines in it’s own brilliance.


Blended Bliss


Tame Impala is this extremely cool band out of Perth, Australia. Imagine if you could. A group time traveling from the 60’s to the present day music scene. If your able to imagine that then Tame Impala is the group for you. Many have tried but few have been able to effortlessly blend psychedelic rock and funk together. Tame Impala successfully blends the Two together like a seamstress. Providing blended bliss to the listener.

I’m feeling the vibe

I just discovered this artist named MoRuf though Street Etiquette. I’m feeling the musical vibe and verbal dexterity. I’ll definitely be looking out for more material. Check out these Two very dope offerings. The first one is Slumdog and the second offering is Buckle UP. I advise you to check out his EP called Shades of Moo. Let me know what you think via Twitter @Stevencrown007